The Finest Designer Candles

Modern design and fragrance in a timeless product. Experience functional art in your home, exclusively from Crash.

Clean, modern graphics from some of today’s foremost designers, with a selection of designs to enhance any environment. * Complex, distinctive fragrance blends - each a mixture of fruits, florals, woods, and spices to elevate the senses. Every candle has its own fragrance, selected by the designer, to complement the graphic elements. * 100% natural soy wax and natural cotton wicks are used to make each hand-poured candle a functional piece of art for your home or business. The soy wax is clean burning, and long lasting. * Each 7.5 oz glass tumbler is silkscreened and fired with the design, making it permanent- suitable for collecting and reuse after cleaning. * Candles in tins are 8 oz, with the artwork printed on the lid’s label- each design fragrance matched. *The attractive boxes and packaging are all printed paper and cardboard, with no plastics, designed to be recycled. The featured art is on each candle, on the part you keep. * Every style is available unfragranced, by request, for those who prefer an unscented candle. * Crash candles are made in the USA.

| Crash Candles @ 2011